Buy Wordner & Join The Glub Club

Wordner is available as a boxed party game.

Wordner is available as a boxed party game that includes a membership into the exclusive Glub Club!

Buy Wordner & Join The Club

Each game comes with:

  • A blue latched case with handle to hold all the game pieces.
  • 216 cards (108 blue prompts and 108 orange starters).
  • 6 pens and 1 pad of paper for writing answers on.
  • 1 Wilbur D. Clownfish toy and a rule book.
  • 1 membership in the Wordner Glub Club

A Glub Club membership allows you to:

  • Play Wordner online without seeing ads.
  • Set your player color.
  • Insert images into the chat automatically.
  • Create a member profile.
  • Display a membership badge by your name.

A Glub Club membership is included with each game.

Play For Free

You may also play Wordner online as well as download and print your own cards.

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Visit the About Page to read more about Wordner.