Week Four Winners: Wilbur’s Treasure Contest

Wilbur's Treasure

Hello Wordner fans!

Here are the winners from the fourth and final week of the Win Wilbur’s Treasure Contest.



Each day, Wilbur looks at the great Wordner answers created and shared online. The best one is chosen to receive a $20 share of his treasure and be in the running for an additional $50 share at the end of the week.

This is the last week of the contest, so be sure to enter by June 1st. You can read the full contest rules here.

Sunday, May 26. Created by fudge, user #3624.

“While doing the child’s laundry, the mother was shocked to find… a live crayfish.” View in the Gallery »

Monday, May 27. Created by Kyle Doesken, user #9299.

“The global economic crash of 2008 began when… one old lady tried to use too many coupons at the cash register.” View in the Gallery »

Tuesday, May 28. Created by Thasso, user #3626.

“The wolf tricked the sheep by… mimicking bird calls.” View in the Gallery »

Wednesday, May 29. Created by chelsea, user #3638.

“My awesome new band is named… Yelping Octopus.” View in the Gallery »

Thursday, May 30. Created by Kim, user #504. **Weekly Winner**

“Before getting married, the bride turned to the groom and said… YOU MUST INSTALL THE LATEST JAVASCRIPT UPDATE.” View in the Gallery »

Friday, May 31.

No winner :-( No contest entries submitted.

Saturday, June 1.

No winner :-( All entries disqualified for not using the rules.

If you have won some of Wilbur’s treasure, you will be sent an email from Wordner with details about how to claim your prize. If you didn’t receive this email, please contact us immediately.