How Do You Play Wordner?

Players choose a starter word from the orange card and build off of it to complete the prompt on the blue card.

Wordner is a creative word game where players finish prompts by building off of starter words. There are three ways to play:

Getting Started

Everyone is shown a blue prompt card and an orange starter card. One player is randomly selected as the judge.

The other players finish the prompt by creating a phrase that uses one or more starters (rule variations below). Each response is called a "wordner." These are submitted anonymously for the judge to read.

Creating A Wordner

In the example on the right, players complete the prompt "I saw a new science fiction movie called..." using the words "Butter," "Fast," or "Sew."

Using these, they might come up with:

  • Butter Star Galactica
  • Run Faster! The Aliens Are Coming!
  • It Came From The Sewer

An Illustration of a Winning Wordner: "I saw a new science fiction movie called...Butter Star Galactica."


Once all the wordners are submitted, the judge selects his/her favorite and the player who wrote it receives a point.

A new player then becomes the judge, and the next round begins. The first player to reach a specified number of points wins!

Rules Variations

Wordner can be played three different ways.

Traditional: Use One Starter

Players complete the prompt with a phrase that uses one or more of the starter words.

Challenging: Use All Starters

Players are required to use all three starter words in a phrase that completes the prompt.

Crazy: Anything Goes

Players complete the prompt using any, all, or none of the starters.

Ready To Play?

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