Wilbur Interviews The Deer Lord

The Deer Lord is prancing up the Wordner ranks with 78 wins out of 583 games played (a 13.38% win average).

Recently Wilbur D. Clownfish and The Deer Lord met for a rousing interview.


The Deer Lord's pets, Princess and Tilly.

The Deer Lord’s pets, Princess and Tilly.

WILBUR: Oh, Deer Lord, I am sorry to be running late! There was so much going on with Wordner.com today that I lost track of time. I really enjoy your name. Would you mind describing what type of deer you are and how it is you came to become lord of the deer?

THE DEER LORD: Oh, it’s quite alright, Wilbur. We all get busy at times. And I’m glad you enjoy my name! I’m actually a mix between a Red Deer and a Wapiti, and sadly I am only lord to a small amount of deer that live near me.

WILBUR: Fascinating! Lately people have been wanting to know why anyone should play Wordner when there are other popular games out there like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. What would you say to them?

THE DEER LORD: Wordner allows for a lot more creativity! In those other games, you’re limited to exactly what’s on the card. With Wordner, you can come up with more individualized answers.

The Deer Lord

The Deer Lord

WILBUR: Deer Lord, I totally agree with you! Now, obviously you can’t spend all of your time playing Wordner. What else do you enjoy doing? Growing antlers perhaps?

THE DEER LORD: I’m actually about to graduate from university and go on to a job in research! It’s very exciting. Other than that I talk to friends and play with my dog friend, Princess. Growing antlers is something I have yet to experience but I can hardly wait for that! Though, I hear it itches.

WILBUR: That’s terrific. Let’s rack your brain and put your skills to the test. Think fast: “In the exciting, live action remake of Bambi…” (Bee, Cultured, Fry)

THE DEER LORD: he meets a rather cultured honey bee that teaches him how to fry tree bark so it tastes better.

WILBUR: How fitting! That response is worth a buck or two. Before you hoof it back to the forests, would you mind letting our fans in on one of your secrets to winning a game of Wordner?

THE DEER LORD: Secrets? Hmm, not sure there really is one. Mostly I just put whatever answer I’m really feeling. Or when playing with friends I have been known to answer according to their tastes.

You can find The Deer Lord on Wordner.com or at nucle.flavors.me.