Wilbur Hugs A Spammer: CG Folks Studio

I love to hear from people, especially fans of Wordner!

Recently I got an email from CG Folks Studio asking if I wanted a 3D makeover.

I politely declined and hugged them in return!


Subject: Re: Wordner’s CGI graphics and 3D animation
From: Wordner
Date: October 3, 2013 1:49 PM

Hi Wojciech,

Thanks for your email, and while I am impressed with the 3D work that you do, I am going to pass at this time. Remember, though, that Wordner is a great place to play online Cards Against Humanity.

You see, I may be a 2D clownfish but I have a multidimensional personality. You might consider this fish hug proof of that ;-)


*High Fins*

Wilbur D. Clownfish
Official Wordner Spokesfish
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On October 3, 2013, at 8:20 AM, CG Folks Studio wrote:


Nice to meet you! Having looked at yours website and I really like what you do, so I decided to contact you.

My name is Wojciech Chylinski, and I own CG Folks Studio, one stop CGI production house based in Warsaw, Poland.
You can find us at: www.CG-Folks-Studio.com

CG Folks Studio specialize in project budget planning through full advertising production, tv commercials, advertising posters, 3d visualization, illustrations, motion graphics, 3D animation, compositing, color correction, photo & video editing, ONLINE INTERACTIVE 3D PRODUCT PRESENTATIONS, 3D LOGOS and WEB DESIGN, 3D PROJECTION MAPPING.
We have also started offering very effective mobile advertising by creating custom branding mobile applications.

I really didn’t want to miss the chance of asking you to keep us in mind for any project where you could require any of above services.
Our main priority is to be part of new projects and it would be great if we could show you how we work. By the other hand, our region costs are truly competitive.

We also own 3D Logo VFX: www.CG-Folks-Studio.com/3dlogovfx
Where we transform 2D logos into awesome 3D ones. If you order 3D logo we give you 3D HD ANIMATION for FREE.

Im looking forward hearing from you.


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Skype ID: chylinski.wojciech

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