OMGPOP Alternative: Wordner is a Similar Site

Recently, Zynga announced it would shut down OMGPOP as well as its popular gaming site,

Thankfully Wordner is a similar site that offers an OMGPOP alternative for people looking to play games online with friends.

OMGPOP RIP: 2006 – 2013

For years, OMGPOP was a popular site with anyone looking to play games online. Not only was it great for playing against friends, it also made it easy to meet new people too. This made OMGPOP a terrific Internet hangout.

Some of the most played games on included Draw My Thing, Balloono, Pool, Dinglepop, Checkers, and Tonk. Users could spend hours chatting with friends and playing these games online.

Start Playing Now!

The beginning of the end started in 2011 when OMGPOP turned the online game, Draw My Thing, into a mobile app. Called Draw Something, the app became a mega hit in the world games. At its peak, there were tens of millions of users playing it.

This caught the attention of the Internet gaming company, Zynga. Zynga purchased OMGPOP at the height of Draw Something’s popularity. Soon after, the game went into decline.

Zynga considered possible options and alternatives for what to do with OMGPOP. Finally, in the summer of 2013 they announced that they would close the company and permantly shutdown its website,

An OMGPOP Alternative: Wordner

Because of the OMGPOP shutdown, many former users of the site are looking for similar sites where they can play games online for free. Thankfully, Wordner offers one such OMGPOP alternative.

On, you can play games of Wordner against your friends, family, and other members of the site. There’s even a group chat feature that allows you to talk and hangout while you play. Best of all, the site is free to use and even considered to be an alternative to Cards Against Humanity.

Wordner OnlineEach round of Wordner begins with one player being selected as the judge. The rest of the players are then shown a blue prompt card and an orange card containing there starter words. The players must use at least one of the starter words in an answer that completes the prompt. These responses are called “wordners.”

For example, using the starter words “Pea,” “Happy,” and “Eat” players might complete the prompt “My answer to world peace is…” with:

  • Have everyone eat more green peas!
  • Make world leaders smile and be happy.
  • Free downloads of Michael Jackson’s song, Beat It.

Seeing these answers, it is easy to see how Wordner can provide hours of laughter and fun for friends online.

So, while it is disappointing that OMGPOP has been shutdown, it is good to know that there are other similar sites out there. If you are looking for an OMGPOP alternative, make sure to give Wordner a try!