Wilbur Runs (Swims) Away After Critical Game Review!

Dear fellow fish and friends: in a recent review of Wordner by Time To Play Magazine, it was pointed out that I, Wilbur D. Clownfish, have no purpose.

Because of this I have no other choice but to run, well swim, away.


Every fish believes he has a purpose. Nemo, my cousin, found his after he himself was found. He’s a movie star now.

I thought I had found mine as the Official Wordner Spokesfish. Besides hugging fans, I enjoy being part of the game. In the boxed version, the judge gets to hold me as I help them choose an answer.

Wordner FunFather Geek understood this in his upbeat review of Wordner. He and his friends even used me as a projectile – what fun!

Sadly, Time To Play Magazine didn’t share these feelings. They see no purpose for me and even go as far as saying that “…we really can’t imagine adults having a good time with [Wordner].”

I’m sorry to every person who has played Wordner and not had fun. If you could distinguish my tears from the salty water I swim in, you would know I mean it.

I must be off now to find my new special purpose.

Happy Gaming,
Wilbur D. Clownfish