Wilbur Interviews Ducky Duchess, A Wordner Job Applicant

Manager Wilbur

Wilbur recently received an email from Ducky Duchess, who expressed interest in working at Wordner.

Intrigued, he invited her to the Wordner corporate headquarters (a fishbowl) for an interview.


WILBUR: Thanks for coming in for an interview on such short notice. We’re going to be having some renovations done to the fishbowl tomorrow. How do you feel about working underwater?

DUCKY: Glad to be here, Wilbur. As a duck, I spend most of my time in water, swimming with my friends. Sometimes I’ll dunk my head underwater to see if I can catch a quick bite to eat.

WILBUR: Excellent! Ducks are wonderful creatures. Now, tell me a little bit about why you are interested in working at Wordner?

DUCKY: Wordner is a fun and friendly game, and I would love to work with a fun and friendly clownfish like yourself.

WILBUR: Aw, thanks. Do you have any previous experience in swimming or marine biology? If not, what have you done that might be applicable to working here?

DUCKY: As I stated before, I do spend a lot of time in the water. I also draw a lot, so if you ever need a piece of art work for the site, I’m your duck.

WILBUR: Good answer. Can you tell me a little bit about the portfolio that you brought with you?

A self portrait by Ducky Duchess.

A self portrait by Ducky Duchess.

DUCKY: Ahh yes! I have a blog that contains my interests and my art. I also have a Twitter account which is regularly updated. Finally, here is my profile which contains all the art I’ve done. These three sites will give you a good sense of what goes on in the life and mind of a duck, plus my artwork. I even have a cool username, DuckyDeathly.

WILBUR: Very cool. Your self portrait is great! Okay, let’s measure your creativity. Please answer the following Wordner. “The CEO called an emergency meeting to discuss…” (Feather, Misty, Run)

DUCKY:  “…why we should let Misty the feathered waterfowl run for president of our company!”

WILBUR: Congratulations, you’ve got the job! You do realize it pays in fish food, right?

DUCKY: Amazing! Thanks so much Wilbur. This is a wonderful…wait a second…FISH FOOD?!

Ducky Duchess will be helping Wilbur judge as part of the Win Wilbur’s Treasure Contest and bringing Wordner to the world as an Official Wordner Ambassador.

If you are interested in becoming a Wordner Ambassador, please send Wilbur a nice note with your qualifications.