I Need A Hug: Twitter Hates Our Virtual Hugs

I Need A Hug Virtual Hugs

Each day, thousands of people tweet “I Need A Hug.” This is one reason we built the Wordner Fish Hugs Generator.

Sadly, Twitter hates our virtual hugs.



I Need A Hug

Grumpy Cat receives a hug.

Grumpy Cat receives a hug.

Before we describe Twitter’s problem with our hugs, here’s a bit of background.

Recently, we released the Wordner Fish Hugs Generator. Using this fun little Web application, you can send virtual hugs from Wilbur D. Clownfish to your friends, family, and anyone else who is needing a hug.

Sending a hug virtually is simple and free:

  1. Visit the Wordner Fish Hugs Generator
  2. Enter the name of the person to hug
  3. Press the Create Hug button
Grumpy Cat is much less grumpy.

Grumpy Cat is much less grumpy.

You will then be redirected to your finished hug. Just copy the link and share!

It’s even possible to include a customized message with your hug. When creating your hug, delete the default Hug Message text and enter your custom message.

Anyone stating “I need a hug” will undoubtedly be amused and smiling after receiving their hug. Along with a personalized message, fish hugs include a winking, animated Wilbur D. Clownfish as well as some silly music in the background.

A fish hug is a fun way to brighten someone’s day. Even Grumpy Cat enjoyed receiving a hug!

Virtual Hugs: Twitter Hates Them

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about receiving a fish hug. One of these is Twitter.

The evidence is clear. People on Twitter want hugs. Each day, thousands of people tweet about needing hugs to their friends and followers. Sometimes this is at a rate of five to ten tweets per minute!

It’s sad to think of so many people wanting and needing hugs. Their desire to be hugged is so strong that out of desperation they turn to the Internet to express this. If only someone could do something to ease their suffering and give them a hug?

Twitter Hates Virtual Hugs

No virtual hugs for you! -Twitter

With this in mind, we knew we had to act, and Wilbur’s fish hugs were the perfect tool. We began creating personalized hugs for people on Twitter. It takes some time to create a hug, so we couldn’t reach all of them. However, we were able to create and send around sixty hugs to people who had tweeted to the world “I need a hug.”

Twitter, sadly, did not approve.

Not long after our campaign to end the drought of hugs on Twitter began, the Wordner Twitter account was “suspended for sending multiple unsolicited mentions to other users.”

Really? Were these tweets not cries for help? Were they not a solicitation to the entire Web requesting kindness, love, and compassion in return?

In the brief time we were able to send fish hugs, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many people receiving hugs liked and retweeted them. A few even thanked Wilbur D. Clownfish and Wordner for caring.

This leads us to wonder, why does Twitter want its users to suffer alone in a cold, unaffectionate virtual world? Why does Twitter hate hugs? :-(

A Call To Action: Hug Someone

If you believe something should be done, we are calling upon you to take a stand against Twitter and their apathy toward those souls who are needing hugs.

Find someone who needs a hug and send them a virtual hug today!

Images Courtesy of ganesha.isis and Ali Arsh via Flickr.