Vocab Games: Wordner as an English Vocabulary Game

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Vocab games are a fun way to learn new words and even prepare for exams like the SAT and GRE.

Wordner is a great tabletop and online game that can be used as an English vocabulary game.


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Learning new words can be frustrating. This is why incorporating vocabulary into a game is a beneficial technique.

Many English vocabulary learning tools involve matching words to their definitions. For example, one traditional word game starts by making a deck of flash cards. These are either handwritten or typed up on a computer and printed. One stack of cards has a list of words on it, while another has their definitions.

The definition cards are all dealt to players, then one of the word cards is turned over. The player who holds the correct definition of the word shows it to the group and receives a point. Any player who shows an incorrect definition has a point deducted from his or her score. The goal is to get the most correct definitions in order to win.

Games like these are excellent for memorizing the definitions of words. However, they don’t really teach how to use vocabulary words in sentences. They also aren’t very engaging, making them a bit dull.

Wordner As An English Vocabulary Game

Wordner is a fun game that some people use to learn and teach vocabulary. Unlike other free fun games, Wordner requires that players learn the definitions of words and use them correctly in sentences.

Wordner Boxed Party GameThis tabletop and online game begins by selecting one player as the judge. The judge pulls a blue prompt card and an orange starter card from the deck. Prompt cards include the beginning of a sentence or question, while starter cards list three words.

Players must then use at least one of the starter words in a phrase that completes the prompt. For example, if the starter words are “Aardvark,” “Terrible,” and “Stumble” players might complete the prompt “I went to the zoo and saw…” with:

  1. A very happy aardvark being fed.
  2. Two angry lions with terrible roars.
  3. The sidewalk as I stumbled over a root and fell.

The judge chooses his or her favorite response, and the player who created this receives a point for the round.

Wordner is a game that challenges players in two ways. First, players must understand the definitions of the starter words, and second they are required to use them in a sentence.

Setting it apart from other vocab games, Wordner also encourages players to be creative. This can lead to unique, silly responses that keep people engaged for hours.

It is even possible to make custom starter cards.  Some people cut paper to the size of Wordner cards and write three new words on each. Others use software like Microsoft Word to design professional looking cards on a computer. Regardless of which technique is used, people are able to customize Wordner and use the particular vocabulary words they wish to learn.

One of the best parts about Wordner is that it is available for free as an online game and in print and play form. There is also the boxed edition to buy in the Wordner Store. Keep in mind that print and play games are great for customizing with your own words.

So, the next time you are looking for fun vocab games, give Wordner a try. It’s a terrific game for learning new words!

Image Courtesy of ThrasherDave via Flickr.