Writing Games Online: Wordner Is A Creative Storytelling Game

Writing Games Online Wordner

Online writing games are a lot of fun. And, with so many games available today, it’s odd that there aren’t more out there.

Thankfully, creative storytelling is a key element of both the online and in person versions of Wordner.


Online Writing Games

Looking around the Web, it’s tough to find writing games online that make use of storytelling. In fact, many avoid using wordplay all together.

Currently one of the most popular games on the Internet is Draw Something. Sadly, this creative game doesn’t require any writing to tell stories. Rather, it tests each player’s drawing skills.

During a round of Draw Something, one player is shown a word. He or she must then quickly make a descriptive sketch of the object represented by the word. The goal is to draw it well enough for another player to guess what the sketch depicts.

Certainly, this type of creative game can be a lot of fun. However, it doesn’t quite compare to the excitement that comes from the best online writing games.

Another online game that uses a bit more wordplay is Pears To Pears on Roblox. In many ways, this game is similar to the popular card game Apples To Apples made by Mattel.

During a game of Pears To Pears, players work to match noun cards to adjectives. For instance when the adjective “Smelly” is chosen, players might lay down the cards “Dog,” “Leftovers,” and “Grandma”. The judge for the round will then choose his or her favorite card that is the smelliest. The player who laid this will receive a point.

While this can definitely lead to some silly combinations, it is pretty limited in terms of creativity. Players can only use the adjective and noun cards that are provided within the game. Without a way to make additions, this game doesn’t use much creative storytelling and certainly isn’t an online writing game.

At Last, A Creative Storytelling Game

Wordner is unique in the way it encourages players to write creatively in order to win. At the beginning of the round, one player is chosen to be the judge. The rest of the players are then shown a prompt card along with three starter words.

Prompt cards present the beginning of a sentence such as “Every night before bed, I…” Players must use one of the three starter words as the inspiration for writing the end of the sentence.

Using the words “Run,” “Blue,” and “Car,” players might answer:

  • Run around the room three times.
  • Paint my nails crazy shades of blue.
  • Hop in the car, drive fast, and party all night.

In this way, Wordner becomes a writing game online where each person uses his or her creativity to impress the judge. Even people looking for vocab games will play!

The judge reads each answer and selects the best one. The player who wrote this receives a point.

Best of all, Wordner can be played as an online writing game for free or in person with the boxed party edition. This makes it an ideal choice whether you enjoy funny online games or traditional board gaming.

What are you waiting for? Try playing a game of Wordner :-)

Image courtesy of Vassilis via Flickr.