Exclusive Interview: Kim Wins With Style, British Style

Kim is a rising Wordner star with 75 wins out of 231 games played (a 31% win average).

She recently visited with Wilbur D. Clownfish to answer a few questions.


WILBUR: It’s a real pleasure having you standing by my aquarium, Kim. If you don’t mind me asking, what form of transportation did you use to get here today?

KIM: I got here by having taken a classic red double-decker bus, of course. It’s how all us British get around!

WILBUR: Wow, that’s lovely! Now as you know, clownfish are born in the ocean and, therefore, lack a nationality. I’m thinking of becoming a citizen of a country. Which would you recommend?

KIM: I highly recommend becoming British. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to land a plate of fish n’ chips!

Kim tests out Wordner Vision.

WILBUR: That sounds terrific, so long as I’m not the “fish” on the menu! You’ve played and won a ton of Wordner games. Do you have a particularly memorable moment from playing?

KIM: Every moment’s a memorable moment when it comes to Wordner, Wilbur. Though I am particularly fond of that time we each wore our bacon hats whilst playing. I trust you were wearing yours too, right?

WILBUR: You bet I was! Okay, let’s put your skills to the test. “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had…” (Gravy, Toxic, Dunk)

KIM: …too much gravy with his roast beef, resulting in soggy Yorkshires!

WILBUR: What a tasty response! Before you go, could you share with our fans one of your techniques for winning a game of Wordner?

KIM: Keep Calm and Be British

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Simply put, “British.”