Exclusive Interview With A Wordner Contender

Inry is an up and coming Wordner champion with 88 wins out of 316 games played (a 28% win average).

She recently sat down with Wilbur D. Clownfish to answer a few questions.


WILBUR: I really appreciate you stopping by my fishbowl, Inry. What’s it like to be the second highest ranked Wordner player?

INRY: Feels good, man.

WILBUR: If you don’t mind me asking, what did you have for breakfast this morning?

INRY: Eggo waffles and Lucky Charms cereal.

WILBUR: You’re obviously really good at winning Wordner games. What else do you excel at?

A Basic Meal.

INRY: Mostly sarcasm and making jokes. I can also cook basic meals.

WILBUR: Think fast! Juliet ran to the balcony, looked down, and saw… (Rabbit, Obvious, Tick).

INRY: the white rabbit yelling about being late for a very important date.

WILBUR: Absolutely amazing. Your game victories are well deserved! I know you’re on a tight schedule. So, before I let you go, would you mind sharing one of your secrets for winning Wordner games?

INRY: Make your answer as completely ridiculous as possible. The more outrageous, the better.

Want to play Wordner? You can compete against Inry and other players everyday on Wordner.com.

About Inry
Inry is going to college to become a preschool teacher. She enjoys long walks on Tumblr, reading comics and playing video games. You can find her at nonsuggestiveredhotironypistol.tumblr.com.