Print And Play Games: Wordner Has Free Printable Cards

Free print and play games are great fun, and Wordner is available this way too!

For those who have only played the game online, it may come as a surprise that Wordner has free printable cards!


Print And Play Games Explained

Simply put, the print and play format enables people download most of the pieces necessary to play a board or card game at home. This may include printable cards, currency, and even elaborate boards.

Some games, however, require the use of a few non-printable pieces. Examples of these are tokens and dice. Instead of buying these at stores, most people simply borrow them from other board games they have lying around.

Many printable games are available as PDF files, since this format can be opened by a majority of computers. Files range in size from 15 pages for a traditional card game to 100 or more for complex designs.

One popular place to find free printable games is on Board Game Geek. This site is a terrific resource for anyone looking to try the latest games and download old favorites. It even includes special sections dedicated to the current, most popular printable games for groups.

Downloading and printing out your own games is an excellent way to save money. While most board and card games can cost $20 or more, printable games can be made for as little as $5 to $10. This makes them a fun, economical gaming solution.

Wordner Print & Play

Along with the online version, Wordner is available as a free printable card game. It’s one of the best card games out there today!

The 19 page PDF file has all of the required pieces, including the game rules, 108 statement cards, and another 108 starter cards.

These can be printed on thick paper in color or black and white. Then, they can be easily cut apart using scissors or a paper slicer. After that, it is just a matter of gathering some pens, a few pieces of paper to write on, and a group of players!

This free print and play game is loads of laughs and tons of fun, just like the online game. It’s perfect for dinner parties, family gatherings, and afternoons with friends.

So, the next time you are looking for a print and play card game, download Wordner and give it a try!

Try Wordner Print & Play