Our Biggest Update Ever: Improved Games List & Long-Play

Hello Team Wordner!

We are happy to announce our biggest update ever. This includes a number of new features such as new styling on the games list and long-play games.

The long-play feature is the most radical of the changes. Unlike real-time games, these do not require all players to be online and active at the same time.

This means you can create a game, invite your friends, and play over the course of several days. The game will send you notifications via email when it is time to take your turn.

What is especially cool is that long-play games can become real-time games whenever you want. You simply need 3 or more of the players to be online and active.

Because of this, there is really no distinction between real-time and long-play games. They are created the exact same way and move between the two styles of game play depending upon how many of the players are currently active. All of this help to make Wordner one of the most fun games to play with friends online!

Other New Features:

  • Ability to quit games when you don’t want to play anymore. This will remove you from the game.
  • Ability to receive email notifications from games, including when your request to join a private game has been accepted.
  • Ability to see when a player is online/active and offline/inactive using a colored dot by their player name.
  • New in-game notification design that doesn’t pop-up and hide portions of the game area.
  • Games can support up to 10 players and 100 people observing the game. Observers can chat and watch but cannot play.
  • Improved animation highlighting the player that has won the round.
  • Players can see the previous 100 chat messages when they enter a game.
  • Redesigned games list area. This includes more information about the games, status of whether games are real-time or long-play, and a list of games you have joined.

As always, play a game and let us know what you think!

Image Courtesy of wsilver.