Wordner Illustrations: Grannies, Gobblers & American Gothic

Hello loyal Wordner players! Here are another five illustrations of winning Wordners.

This past spring we created these to honor some of the game’s funniest answers.

Happy Gaming!

“I really enjoyed that new romance comedy called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Creepy, the Tom and Katie Story.”


“My stage name is Grannie Grunt, a name I learned from Oma.”


“I saw your user profile on TurkeyGobblers.com – a place to share your love of neck fat with friends.”


“My doctor just told me that I have a fat bottom. It makes the rockin’ world go round!”


“I just can’t let go of my childhood stuffed animal named Bucky Beaver, who brushed his teeth with Ipana.”


Have an illustration for your winning Wordner? Send it to us, and we may feature it!