Wordner Reaches 1000 Statements & 3000 Starters!

Hello everyone! We’ve got some big news today.

Wordner has added several hundred more statements and starters to the game!

This means the game has reached a total of 1000 statement phrases and 3000 starter words. That’s more fun than a weekend at grandma’s!

Here are several of the new statements:

  • The lunch lady had a bad habit of…
  • Kids + Ice Cream x Soda =
  • Yikes! What is that crawling up your leg?
  • The sign on the fence read Beware Of…
  • The gifted students were challenged to…

And, a few starters too:

  • Aardvark, Taxi, Spam, Dynamite
  • Lunatic, Aloof, Saggy, Numb
  • Perplex, Frazzle, Muzzle, Fudge

Ready to play? You can play an online game here.

Image Courtesy of Robert Lowe.