Exclusive Interview With A Wordner Champion

Ami is the current reigning champion on Wordner.com with an amazing 50 wins out of 113 games played (a 44% win average).

She recently sat down with Wilbur D. Clownfish to
answer a few questions.

Thanks for joining me today, Ami, and congratulations on your newly
minted status! How does it feel to be a champion?

AMI: It feels like this is the crowning achievement of my life. Nothing in the future will ever approach the level of accomplishment I feel at this moment. Okay, that’s kind of an exaggeration, but it does feel pretty fantastic to be kind of awesome at something.

WILBUR: Tell us about discovering Wordner and what it was like to play that
first game?

AMI: Well, I think my friend Catherine actually found a link to the game on the Nutsy Bolts Facebook page, and since Nutsy Bolts is sadly deceased (RIP), we decided to try Wordner out. Of course, we had no idea what we were doing, so our first few rounds were just terrible, and not even in a funny way.

WILBUR: You’ve played and won a ton of games. What do you attribute your success
to? What inspires your responses?

AMI: Well…it helps to know the people I’m playing against. I’m not afraid to admit that most of my wins are due to excessive pandering. I know what my opponents like and use their weaknesses against them!

WILBUR: Think fast! The person driving in the car next to me was… (Tar, Frisky, Flop).

AMI: The star of a recent high-budget film! Too bad the movie turned out to be a huge flop.

WILBUR: That’s terrific! No wonder you have been crowned champion. Before we let
you go, do you have any tips for our loyal Wordner fans out there?

AMI: Thanks! Never underestimate the power of pandering, and if a word pops out at you, use it! Your instincts are probably right!

Want to play Wordner? You can compete against Ami and other players everyday on Wordner.com.

About Ami
Ami is an aspiring English teacher and writer, who spends most of her time procrastinating on the Internet instead of working on schoolwork or her many unfinished stories. She also loves cats. You can find her at bendingbabies.tumblr.com, and read her stories on fictionpress.com/~ohnesie.