Playing Nutsy Bolts Versus Wordner

Once upon a time, there was a great online game called Nutsy Bolts. Like another popular game, Apples To Apples, players were challenged to match nouns with specific adjectives. For example, the adjective “Awesome” might be matched to “The White House”, “Chickens”, and “Whistling.” A judge would then choose her favorite.

This style of game play is also found in Wordner. However, the similarities end there.

One of the big differences lies in the flexibility given to players. With Nutsy Bolts, Cards Against Humanity, and Apples To Apples online, players may only choose nouns from the seven options they have been dealt in a hand. Additionally, they are limited to using only the words provided by the game and its creators. While some argue this makes these games easier to play, it is also restrictive and reduces the creativity each person can express.

Wordner, on the other hand, provides players with three starter words that they can build upon. This encourages each person to use their imagination to develop their best submission. For instance using the starter “Run,” players can create the answers “Trunk,” “A long run,” or “Grunting pig.” This provides a higher number of options and greater variety.

Another noticeable difference is Wordner’s use of statements. In a game of Nutsy Bolts or Apples To Apples, players are given an adjective to match their nouns against. In Wordner, people are encouraged to complete entire statements such as “Great. Someone stole my…”, “I saw your user profile on…”, and “The dinosaurs were actually killed by…”

These provide a starting point for players to create their own unique answers. Once submitted, a judge will choose his favorite. The person who wrote it receives a point, as is done in both Apples to Apples and Nutsy Bolts.

So, the next time you are considering a party game or are looking for writing games online, try a game of Wordner. It’s silly and a whole bunch of fun!

Image Courtesy of Ross Catrow