Exclusive Interview With A Champion

Clint Shearer is the current reigning Wordner champion with 5 wins out of last 35 rounds (a 13.9% Wordner win average). He recently joined Wilbur D. Clownfish for a brief interview.

WILBUR: Clint, I’m really happy that you’ve been able to take time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. When did you first start playing Wordner and why?

CLINT:  The pleasure is all mine Wilbur, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now.  I started playing Wordner a few weeks ago when a friend of mine recommended it to me via Facebook and I was instantly hooked.

WILBUR: How long does it typically take you to create a Wordner? What’s your thought process look like?

CLINT:  Well I have to admit that I don’t always submit an entry.  In most cases after reading the cards I get an idea in less than a minute.  I usually read through the starter words and one of them will just jump out at me.  On occasion I try to incorporate more than one word but mostly I focus on one.  On rare occasions after studying it for a minute and getting nothing I will give up.  I feel if I have to work that hard at it anything I come up with won’t live up to Wordner standards.

WILBUR: What do you attribute your skill and resulting success at Wordner to?

CLINT: Part of it is having a sharp mind, and I feel that playing Wordner is a quick mental exercise that can help hone that skill.  You also need just a touch of craziness to play, just enough to make what you come up with a little bit unusual.

Wilbur: Think fast! I always wanted to eat… (Clock, Blue, Sniff).

CLINT:  Hmmm, Blue eggs and ham.  I’ve tried the green stuff and it always tasted a bit spoiled.

WILBUR: Amazing. Such talent! Before we let you go, do you have any tips for our loyal Wordner fans out there?

CLINT:  Just to keep playing, I’ve seen some of the other winning entries so I know there is a lot of Wordner talent out there.  And tell your friends, the more the merrier.

WILBUR: Thank you, Clint! You can compete against Clint and other Wordner players on Facebook every day or play your friends online.